“Dr. Beane is not just a seasoned professional;
she really cares about the people we serve.”

Melba Saunders, MBA
Marketing & Business Development
Total Health Care

Funding is usually required to support direct service programs and community rebuilding initiatives.  Grant applications and funder reports submitted to both government agencies and private foundations must be of the highest quality in order to be competitive. Applications and reports must be tailored to each funder, following instructions carefully. But they are not simply technical documents; funders need to be inspired and compelled to say Yes!

We can draft, edit, and/or review required documents, including:

  •   Strategic Plans
  •   Grant Applications (public and private sectors)
  •   Health Care Plans/Work Plans
  •   Logic Models
  •   Programmatic/Fiscal Reports to Funders

Dr. Beane has produced hundreds of high-quality documents to fulfill regulatory, funder, or internal Board requirements.  Her grant applications to federal/state government and private foundation sources have garnered (unsolicited!) compliments from funders as well as awards totaling more than $70 million for agencies that serve the poor. Award recipients include the Park Heights Community Health Alliance, Total Health Care, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, and Western North Carolina Community Health Center in Asheville.