Once you understand your community or population’s current needs, you’ll want to figure out the most effective way(s) to address those needs. Perhaps you can identify (and adapt) existing evidence-based practices, or you may choose to design your own unique approach instead.

The planning process on either an organizational or programmatic level requires an in-depth analysis and structured brainstorming that includes:

  • Considering the complexity and depth of need, including cultural dimensions.
  • Conducting an inventory of existing services: What’s already out there?
  • Analyzing the gap in services: Why does the need persist? What issue or sub-group is not being adequately addressed? What additional resources would make a difference?
  • Developing the most promising and effective approach.

Dr. Beane has helped nonprofit staff and board members to design effective programming related to primary health care, HIV prevention and treatment, drug recovery, education, youth development, community revitalization, and social justice. Prior strategic planning clients on the national level include the Gray Panthers, the Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute, Emergency International, and the Coalition on Human Needs.

 “Dr. Beane has a firm grasp of all administrative, clinical, data, and fiscal considerations. Her planning and grantwriting assistance has been invaluable.”
Dr. Allen Bennett
President and CEO
Park West Health System (FQHC)