Aggregated data never reveals the depth or root causes of Baltimore’s problems. Dr. Beane suggests that whether we’re addressing homelessness, unemployment, or drug addiction, more often than not, Band-Aids are used to simply cover up and hide a festering wound.

Baltimore’s population has dramatically declined in the last 25 years. Dr. Lindsay Beane shares her theories about premature mortality and incarceration as key factors that are driving the decline.

WELCOME to the new Baltimore BLOG, where local social justice activists are asked to give their insight into urgent and neglected problems in the city as well as promising solutions. Today, public health expert and local activist Lindsay Beane will explore the complexities of Baltimore’s decades-long population decline.

Canaries in the Coal Mine – Part 5

The Depth of the Problem (Part 2)

The stark reality of life in Baltimore’s ghettoes became national news when the HBO series The Wire premiered. The subsequent influx of funding dollars helped to create many new initiatives. Dr. Lindsay Beane gives us the lowdown on the outcome of the programs that blossomed.

Canaries in the Coal Mine — Part 4

The Depth of the Problem (Part 1)

Baltimore consistently ranks among the top ten cities across the country for homicide, drug overdose, and HIV. Dr. Lindsay Beane describes the current situation in the ghettos of Baltimore and gives us her perceptions when she first arrived in Baltimore in 1990.

A State of Denial — Dr. Lindsay Beane explains how a state of denial by City and State officials created a woefully underprepared Neighborhood Master Plan. Other communities have done a much better job!

This ongoing blog isn’t a diatribe against Baltimore; it’s a diatribe against the longstanding moral lassitude that has allowed the living conditions in African American ghettos all across our country to dip below survivability.

Canaries in a Coal Mine — Part 1

PART 1 - Setting the stage

Dr. Lindsay Beane discusses the longstanding moral lassitude that has allowed southern Park Heights to become a dying community, despite the diligent efforts of many beloved community activists. Dr. Beane warns us that the Baltimore ghettos are the nation’s canaries in the coal mine.